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Approach and Philosophy

We believe that our unique approach combined with our investment philosophy separates Heritage Financial from the majority of financial firms. 

Our Approach

Our approach is unique from many other financial firms.  First, we believe that our clients have a tremendous and honorable responsibility to practice faithful stewardship.  We also believe everyone is accountable for their financial decisions regardless of their financial status. 

To assist our clients with their responsibility, we follow the financial principles given in the Bible.  We believe these truths of successful money management are too important to be new and too powerful to be old.  They are timeless. 

We believe that a person's values and beliefs should be aligned with their money management practices.  Therefore, we spend time learning what is important to our clients before we make any recommendations.  From this perspective, we ask questions that are often overlooked by a financial advisor.  Asking the right questions helps to to arrive at a solution that is right for you. We believe that a person's (or family's) financial decisions need to be based upon their lifestyle.  (Keeping up with the Joneses is not only foolish but can be financially dangerous.)

Investment Philosophy

We strongly believe that quality customer service is not just something to write about in a job description or marketing brochure; it's something we do because we enjoy and take pride in helping people.  Our philosophy has always been to do everything we possibly can to assist each client find a solution to their investment concerns whether it's saving for a rainy day or creating a financial plan to help turn their goals into a reality.

We focus on investment solutions - not products!  We are not product driven! This means that we are not being "encouraged" to offer certain products over others or trying to resolve all of our client's needs and goals with just a few products.  In addition, we do not earn our living by constantly moving our client's money from one investment to another.  We believe the best philosophy in investing is to buy quality investments, diversify them based upon our client's goals and risk tolerances and then hold them for as long as they remain a good investment for our client.  We strongly believe that there is a difference between investing intelligently and trading speculatively and refuse to take an unnecessary risk with our client's money or our reputation. 

Make sure you are not taking more risk than necessary to reach your financial goals!

Over the years, we have observed that there are three things our clients consistently request with respect to their financial lives.


  We believe that investing does not have to be confusing or complicated.  We work hard to make sure our clients understand their financial situation and the solutions and financial plans we recommend to them.  We make an extra effort to make sure our clients are comfortable with their investments... regardless if it's a money market account, certificate of deposit, a stock, a bond or some other type of investment


Cost Effectiveness

  Our clients expect us to be fair and look for discounts and effectiveness whenever possible.  We are not a transactional broker.  In other words, we do not encourage our clients to invest their hard-earned money just for the sole purpose of making a buck for ourselves.  Also, we do not loan your money out; therefore, we do not try to offer you a lower return on your money than we would be charging someone else when they borrow it, like a lending institution might do.


Tailored Portfolios

    Our clients request that their financial plans be tailored to their personal goals and values and that we periodically review those goals and values so that their portfolio stays on target, because from time to time their life can change.

If this is the service you're looking for in a financial advisor, give us a call.  We look forward to working with you!

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck